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Specializing in safety prequalfication services for the construction industry, our experience helping clients across a variety of industries and sizes qualifies us to help you.

What is Safety Prequalification?

It is part of a comprehensive construction workplace safety program. The qualification process involves auditing a contractor firm’s safety program and safety metrics against a performance benchmark. Approved contractors are allowed to bid work, competing only with other contractors that have passed the safety prequalification requirements. As part of continual improvement, contractors may be evaluated annually to address deficiencies. The requirement of minimum safety performance and continual improvement lead to positive feedback loop of improved safety, reduced harm to employees, and lower costs.

We provide onsite safety representatives that dovetail into our safety prequalification services. We have a tested and proven method for providing contractor safety management for clients. For projects large and small, nationwide in the United States, we can help.

Our qualification services are bundled with our software as a services (SaaS) platform. This contractor qualification software helps manage contractor information. Let’s face it, safety requires documentation, the volume of documentation can be overwhelming. Putting all your contractor safety documentation and information in one spot, accessible anywhere, and anytime – is one less item to stress over, allowing you to focus on the real challenges.

Choosing a safety qualification vendor is tough choice, because of the investment of time and money. Certainly there are other providers out there, but few can manage the contractor safety of a client from initial qualification to project closeouts. Our software, in combination with your staff or ours, does more than safety qualification.

Ideally, a new contractor is safety qualified then on boarded to the owner’s safety culture and expectations. This can be challenging using third party vendors. Our process will look and feel like your own custom qualification service. Our safety software as a service (SaaS) model lets you build from our experience, but meet your specific needs.

Beyond qualification we help manage:

  • Client and Site Specific Orientation
  • Client Safety Program Manual
  • Contractor Incidents, investigations, and Reporting
  • Contractor Work Hours Tracking and Reporting
  • Contractor Safety Programs
  • Insurance Certificate Management
  • Project and Regional Safety Staffing
  • and more..

Want to take a look and learn more? We can setup demo access for you.

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